#1. Silent Lake

Silent Lake may seem barren at first glance, but it is teeming with life because of the people you will find within it. With spaces throughout that seem secluded because of the thick fog, Silent Lake provides a calm ambiance that helps you hold conversations beyond a surface “hello.” Read more about Silent Lake


Created by Sarwana
Male, Syria, Member since 2017



#2. IMVU Fantasy Castle

A fantasy room with a castle stuffed to the brim, there are endless gems hidden all throughout. Take a look around and ride Pegasus or have a picnic by the fairy tree - it’s only your imagination that will stop you from exploring here. Read more about Fantasy Castle


Created by Jessica347791
Female, United States, Member since 2019



#3. Ambient Family


Ambient Family truly has a dreamy, child-like feel to it. Everything is fresh and seemingly untouched, and so you feel like you’re brand new too. The flowers are overgrown and the butterflies move slowly, unbothered by the commotion around them. Read more about Ambient Family


Created by iJuuHzi
Female, Brazil, Member since 2010



#4. Calma ViS


“When I have a house, I’m going to have THAT.” If there ever was a room in IMVU that conjured up those past feelings, Calma ViS would be it. The floating house in Calma ViS sits on top of the clearest of blue water and has all the accoutrements that you’d expect your dream vacation house would have. Read more about Calma Vis


Created by VinceSymons
Male, Brazil, Member since 2016



#5. Mansion Familiar Sasian & Coral


Have we got a champagne taste on a beer budget? Maybe. But when extravagance is the norm for IMVU, who’s to say which bubbly beverage is out of reach for us? MANSION Familiar Sasian & Coral is like an Italian villa at sunset. Read more about Mansion


Created by xlIILunaIIlx
Female, Puerto Rico, Member since 2013