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Despite the name, we wouldn’t classify this into the “Getaways” or “Castles & Kingdoms” category that you find in the “Featured Rooms” section of our app. Have we got a champagne taste on a beer budget? Maybe.

But when extravagance is the norm for IMVU, who’s to say which bubbly beverage is out of reach for us? MANSION Familiar Sasian & Coral is like an Italian villa at sunset. The colors in this room are vibrant against the beautiful hazy orange sky, and it prompts you to imagine crickets chirping across the scene. But just because we’ve said we wouldn’t classify this as a “Castle & Kingdom” by no means this room isn’t grand. The mansion is vast and each room has its own character. Now all it needs are characters to take a role and enter in.






Homes & Offices



Discover a kitty by the pool.

Discover a kitty by the pool.

MANSION Familiar Sasian & Coral (Mansion FS&C for short) seems like it’d be a fantasy scene at first glance. Your avatar is placed in front of a carriage straight out of a Disney movie and there are cobblestones that come out to the courtyard, making you question which century you’re in. 

Quickly glancing around the room, you may think that the house is the only feature in MANSION FS&C. But take your cursor and expand out, because while it may be the centerpiece, it is by no means the sole attraction in this room. 

A lake and a fountain garden are bookends to the house in the center. The garden rivals the one in Versailles (at least the one shown in Coppola’s Marie Antoinette version), and has a tandem bike for you to hop on to take a stroll through the fountains. 

The lake that touches the sky is fully equipped with both a jet ski and a couple of row boats, so you can either quench your need for speed or just relax and take in the view, whichever tickles your fancy. Either way, this room has it all - an outdoor space, a pool, indoor seating, activities, and of course, a dance floor. What can we say! We love a packed house.


Tiki Bar

After exploring the waters, cool off in this outdoor tiki bar. Complete with a hammock and set in between the palm trees, it’s a great way to catch up with a friend at the end of the day.


If your mansion doesn’t have a pool, is it even a mansion? If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Maybe these are questions we’ll never solve, but luckily we don’t need to attempt it today because this deck is fully outfitted with one.

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Fantasy Carriage

The easiest way to go around the room in one fell swoop is to jump on the carriage that is right when you enter.

Jet Ski

Adrenaline junkie? Test your adventurous soul on the jet ski at the lake. It does move pretty quickly, so is not for the faint of heart (or at least eyes when staring at the screen).

Dance Floor

The couple in the back don’t need to be the only ones getting their groove on. There’s a dance floor right by the outdoor grill for you to work off that extra energy after a meal.