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Our team finds a lot of joy in a beautifully made outdoor room.

It’s almost like outdoor rooms on IMVU represent what the outdoors truly should look like - filled with bright colors, overgrown plants, and bustling with wildlife. Is it weird that a man-made, digital field gives us the freshness of a real outdoor field? Not for us. That’s exactly what we love to see on IMVU.






Outdoor Fun



Enjoying an Apple in a picnic by the park

Enjoying an Apple in a picnic by the park

Ambient Family truly has a dreamy, child-like feel to it. Everything is fresh and seemingly untouched, and so you feel like you’re brand new too. The flowers are overgrown and the butterflies move slowly, unbothered by the commotion around them. 

There are nodes all throughout the flower field, which act like both an exploratory and a stand still spot for you to take photos in. Some spots have playful critters or dance moves attached to them, others are there solely for you to get the best “spring has sprung” image. Either way, the flower field is truly the mainstage for Ambient Family. 

All around the periphery, however, there are smaller areas to explore. A picnic table with fresh fruit and sandwiches, an outdoor movie gazebo with desserts and treats, and an Easter corner because… why not? It’s IMVU! 

Whatever your interests may be, walk around the entire room for the full experience because Ambient Family is just the place for you to walk around aimlessly. You’ll never know what you’ll stumble across in this dreamy, misty room.



Easter may be over, but we can’t help but brighten up when we see the pastel colors of an Easter egg. The pink tree displays a myriad of decorated eggs and a well dressed bunny waves you into this corner. Don’t be timid - take a seat and wave back!

A Pink Picnic

There are so many eating spots in this room, but the picnic blanket has to be the best. It only makes sense - what else would you do in a real life flower field? Don’t worry though, this picnic won’t damage any real foliage.

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You know that it’s not a true IMVU room without some dancing. Try out all of the dance nodes, as they’re not all the same.


Can you find this node? This one calls over little hummingbird friends and provides for a picture perfect moment.

Outdoor Gazebo

This outdoor gazebo has all the fixings for an outdoor summer movie night. Is there anything better? Grab your friends and choose which snack you want. Us? We’d go for the popcorn.