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Silent Lake may seem barren at first glance, but it is teeming with life because of the people you will find within it.

With spaces throughout that seem secluded because of the thick fog, Silent Lake provides a calm ambiance that helps you hold conversations beyond a surface “hello.”


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Ducks swimming in the lake as you chat

Ducks swimming in the lake as you chat

A great room on IMVU is sometimes determined by its size. The larger the room, the more plentiful the nodes, the more exploration that you can do. But sometimes, a great room can also be found in small packages and have an expansive quality because of the people that you will find within them.  

Silent Lake has a mystical feel and a grey fog throughout. And while the weather may seem gloomy, it doesn’t have a negative affect but more of a mysterious effect. Upon looking around the moment you step in, it seems as if the cabin and the lake are within a snowglobe and you can’t see what’s on the other side.

But upon moving around, each section starts lighting up to illuminate the different seating areas and paths that make up the landscape. And within those seating areas and paths, you’ll find other people. Each time I have stumbled upon this room, it has always been filled with people willing and wanting to chat. Not too many people that the room begins to feel overcrowded, but enough people to hold a conversation. And with the covered areas, each conversation feels private and personal, perfect for a quiet evening in.


The Firepit

In one corner of the room, to the right of the lakehouse, you’ll find an outdoor firepit. With plenty of spots open to sit in, this was the favored place by not only this editor, but other avatars alike. Conversations were teeming here, and it was also a picturesque area to take a quick snap to share on the Feed.

Outdoor Lounge

A cozier spot to take in the scenery was the outdoor lounge, that served as the ideal bed to lay under the stars in. No need to be wary of jumping on this bed, though, as they’re all set for comfort, friends, and conversation. A great way to chat about your astrological signs with your girlfriends and not one to bring a significant other into.

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Lazing on the hammock

Laying on the hammock just aside from the fire pit is the perfect spot to truly relax and just let your mind wander. There’s room for two of course, and you can just gaze upon the moonlight while the flickering fire is just out of reach.

Uploaded by Victor Zaud on 2019-07-19.

Around the cabin and campfire

Just in front of the cabin is a wonderful area of lavender and logs where multiple scenes come together. Hang out by the fire, walk along the lake or just laze around the sleepy hammock.

Sitting on the dock

A lovely place to sit and watch the waterfowl swim by while you ponder life and have casual chats with whomever saunters by. The minimal moonlight reflects beautifully on the lake and creates a near painting-like image creating the perfect backdrop to an amazing photograph.