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Created by Liliyth
Female, Australia, Member since 2016

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What is it about the past that really brings out a longing in us? Take “Kiss My Pixels,” for example. The neon lights, the printed bed sheets, and the old school gaming console automatically brings this editor a sentimental joy.

Kiss My Pixels is the ultimate ‘90s kid dream room. It’s what you would imagine your basement looking like if you could trick it out. The best thing about Kiss My Pixels is the exclusivity of it - with only 30 nodes, it almost seems like you’d need a secret password to get in (which, of course, fits in with ‘90s kid theme). So pop open your Dunkaroos, grab a Capri Sun, and find your way over to a printed pillow. It’s time for a blast from the past!






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Psychedelic pillows.

Psychedelic pillows.

There are so many colors in Kiss My Pixels that you’d think it was distracting. But somehow the over abundance of flashing lights seem to work for this room. Photos are placed all throughout the room, taking up every inch of space that you can see and there’s even one that is animated, which seems like the ultimate 90s thing to have (seriously… was anything more “future” than an animated photo album?!).

The room is split up into two spaces - a bedroom and a lounge area. The bedroom has all your fixings - a great L-shaped couch, magazines, gaming consoles - perfect to have a little get together with all your friends. Something to note is that the bed doesn’t have any nodes on it, which is almost refreshing. With so many rooms that have more of a sensual vibe with a bedroom, it’s energizing to know that this is a “friends only” type of place. No room (literally) for funny business here.

The lounge area also shares this sentiment. With ten spots on the couch, and none coupled up, it’s an easy place to hang with friends and chat about your passions. Or who knows - maybe it’s just a more logical way to line up for the joystick game that sits prominently in the center of the room. 

Kiss My Pixels is clearly a place set for friends who share not only their birth decade, but also their interests. Small and inviting enough to be cozy with each other, yet not be on top of each other, Kiss My Pixels brings out the commonality with one another more than anything else.


The Bedroom

Take a look at the table in the bedroom. Filled with fun magazines and throwback items, you can’t help but to be given a blast from the past.

The Lounge

Take a walk down the steps into the lounge, where it has some of the coolest holographic pillows that this editor’s seen on IMVU.

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There’s obviously a lot of retro gaming references here, including this standing console, which is perfect for the kid who couldn’t get one when they were younger.

The Outdoors

Something we’re always enamored by is the attention to detail, which is something this room does not lack. Were you able to catch the outdoor view? It still lies within the theme, as the creator was able to put in a retro looking scene!


There’s a cute little painting scene that’s right by the bed. While an odd placement, this editor doesn’t pass up any good photo opp.