Calma ViS


Created by VinceSymons
Male, Brazil, Member since 2016

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Anyone remember MTV Cribs?

A 90s show that showcased the most tricked out celebrity houses, it was an aspirational show where you thought, “When I have a house, I’m going to have THAT.” If there ever was a room in IMVU that conjured up those past feelings, Calma ViS would be it. The floating house in Calma ViS sits on top of the clearest of blue water and has all the accoutrements that you’d expect your dream vacation house would have. Each room immaculately decorated for the ultimate relaxation paradise, Calma ViS is a Chat Room to add to your Favorites right now. Intrigued? Well then, welcome to VinceSymons’ crib.









Have yourself a little water-gun fight.

Have yourself a little water-gun fight.

If there ever was a room in IMVU that made us think, “Wow, I wish I could be there right now,” this room would be it. Calma ViS is the ultimate vacation getaway - the one that you bookmark as a “bucket list” item, but on IMVU, is completely feasible and the “save for later” can be a “visit right now”. The center of the room is exactly the kind of house that you’d want in an open space. 

The majority of the house features outdoor spaces and even the two rooms that exist on the second level have floor to ceiling windows as its walls.

Each outdoor area also seems to have its own pool or jacuzzi, which weirdly seems to make sense even though the entire house is surrounded by a body of water. What can we say? IMVU has never been one for being inconspicuous (OR BASIC??). 

The peripheral spaces around the house shouldn’t be overlooked, however, as there is a more relaxed gazebo that you can walk down to and also paddle boats in the water that you can play with. So put on your favorite bathing suit and jump right on in! The water here is just fine.


Water Gun Fight

During summer, playing with water guns with the other kids down the street was always a favorite past time, especially one to stay cool. This area just brings a smile to our faces and the neon toys and bubbles add a friendly, child-like joy to this room.


Infinity pools, grottos, and a floating island. Nothing says relaxation more than a room with over fifty lounge spots.

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Water Gun Fight

Even if we’re old enough now to enjoy adult bubbles, soap bubbles will never cease to bring happiness.

Pool Noodles

Make sure to hop on the noodles with a friend - the node will activate once both of you are in the pool!


This outdoor gazebo has all the fixings for an outdoor summer movie night. Is there anything better? Grab your friends and choose which snack you want. Us? We’d go for the popcorn.