Do these things next on IMVU and don’t look like a newb.
Customize your avatar, share some activity in the Feed, and make some friends.



Customize Your Avatar.
Dress to Impress.

Looking like the standard avatar isn’t a conversation starter. Here are some top products selected by our editors to get you started showcasing your own style. Try these on!


 Make Some Friends.
Start by Following.

A great way to start to make friends is to start following what interesting people post. You can learn a lot! When you’re in a chat room, you can click on anyone there and see their Feed and follow them. Here's a few we think are great.







Post on the Feed.
Share a Special Moment.

Go to a room. Take a picture.
Share it on your Feed for everyone to see. Others get to know you by seeing what you’ve posted.

FPO 2 2.jpg

👉 First, Go to a Chat Room

Chat rooms are mini-adventures and where you go to meet people when you’re just starting. Later you can invite someone to your own room.

FPO 2 2.jpg

📷 Then, take a Picture

Take a picture of yourself in a chat room around something that speaks to who you are. Maybe a picturesque spot, or in a crowd of some new friends hanging out.

FPO 2 2.jpg

😊 Share on your Feed!

Sharing is caring! When you post a photo to your Feed, people you meet can check you out and see what you’re about. Don’t forget to add a caption to share your thoughts too.