Created by SumikoKobayashi
Female, Germany, Member since 2017

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A lot of times, the best rooms we have been able to find are expansive.

They have nodes, and secret triggers, a portal to take you over to a non-visible part of the room. But there is something to be said about a simple room that looks like it could be at your best friend’s house. A cozy setting with couches that prompt you to say hello to a new friend. Mystic is just that place.


~50 Nodes




Home & Offices



Posing in the pyramid

Posing in the pyramid

Mystic is full of contradictions. There are teddy bears strewn all across the room that make you feel a sense of welcome, only to be immediately broken up by a seemingly displaced signage that screams in a bright neon pink, “We’re All Mad Here.” 

The blue and purple bohemian couches are placed throughout the tricked out basement on top of a black, shaggy carpet with skeletal hands that sprout up to grab any user that is close to it. Comfort? Fear? Excitement? All are felt here. 

And while the room might not thematically come together, visually it somehow works. Even the anime-like characters that are hung as artwork on the walls display a dark, but romantic feel. 

The opposing duality theme is also replicated in a physical sense, as Mystic is a two-part room. The front room acts as a placing room, which fits as it is the section in which you automatically materialize in and the back room works as a gem garden of sorts, with large neon diamonds that are sprinkled throughout as the plants.


A Starry Teepee

In the back room, there’s a beautiful starry teepee that is the brightest part of the room. It has ten nodes on all of the cushions that lay on the floor that are all friendly, and not relationship dependent. With no concern that you’ll accidentally end up in someone’s lap, the teepee is a great place to relax and chat with a friend.

My Box

And in true Mystic fashion, the opposite of a beautiful starry teepee would be the time-out box that is in the front room. Just entitled “My Box”, upon stepping in you’re immediately sullen and drawn back. Did the Creator mean for the box to be a solo experience yet also placed in the center of the room? Maybe not, but the opposing descriptors are not lost on us.

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It was a surprise to lay on the shag carpet to realize it wasn’t a still node, it was a levitating one. Try it out by yourself or with a friend - either way, you’re in for a cool treat.

Gem Garden

The gem garden is a work of art and makes the room feel like an enchanted forest. While not really anything to play with, it provides a really good ambience for quality photos.

Teddy Bear

Take a little nap by the large sized teddy bear. So comfy that it’ll really seem like you’re hugging something plush.