IMVU Fantasy Castle


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Over the river and through the woods, to destination IMVU we go.

A fantasy place where misfits are welcome and also the star of the show.


100 Nodes to Explore


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Fantasy Castle, viewed from the Balloon

Fantasy Castle, viewed from the Balloon

A fantasy room with a castle stuffed to the brim, there are endless gems hidden all throughout. Take a look around and ride Pegasus or have a picnic by the fairy tree - it’s only your imagination that will stop you from exploring here.

Fantasy Castle was created to encapsulate the best aspects of IMVU rooms - the excitement of not knowing what you’re going to discover tied in with the expansive interactions that you can stumble upon. The castle grounds are jewel-toned and feature a sapphire ocean and an emerald forest. There are two castles connected together by a bridge, in which a cascading waterfall rapidly flows under.

And of course, it’s in these castle walls where the true treasure lies. The room was created to hold IMVU’s Golden Egg, the prized jewel worth 100,000 credits. It is the “star of the show” and hidden where all the other “misfits” are hidden within this castle - much like how IMVU houses and is open to those that are misunderstood, judged, and uniquely spectacular in real life.

So take a look around, try your luck at finding the Golden Egg and fall in love with the anomaly of each room that all fit together simply because they don’t.



The best way to take a look at the entire room in one go is to ride the hot air balloon. There are two nodes in here - one that keeps the air balloon still and one that triggers it to take the tour. And while it may seem romantic in nature, the nodes themselves don’t give way to only make sense for a couple. So grab a platonic friend to take a ride around Fantasy Castle.

The Aviary & The Island of Misfit Toys

An editor’s favorite in the castle is the aviary, filled with a myriad of winged creatures. They all flit around here, and you can pet and peck a few. The growing wildlife add to the enchantment of this atrium and while it might not make sense in real life, it completely does within IMVU. This Island of Misfit Toys (room) holds baroque furniture, antique goods, and a whole host of forgotten furnishings. The joy comes in finding items that have been resized and taking inventory, if you will, of the full room.

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Bedroom & More

Wandering around the castle, you’ll eventually explore the various bedrooms. There are distinct themes and certainly one will fit your mood just right. Take a load off, rest, and discover some treasures.


As you explore the castle grounds, maybe you’ll find the amazing winged horse. She’s always willing to pose for the perfect photo with you.

Around the Castle

The grounds around the castle are amazing. The details are so grand, you can almost never see the same place twice. Explore and enjoy.