Who is using IMVU?


IMVU offers a diverse range of attractive interests that are a valuable target when coupled with our demographic.


Over 65% of the users on IMVU are women, yet we still support a healthy and active male popuplation.


Looking at a breakdown of our age range and male/female split, there is a large percentage of singles that are split between college and high-school degrees.

Power of the Platform


5M monthly active IMVU users spend an average of 55 minutes per day customizing their avatars, dressing up, connecting with users all over the world. IMVU's social network immerses users in 3D chat rooms and helps users foster deeper friendships and easily captures users’ attention far longer than traditional social networks.


We are enjoying significant, ongoing user growth on Mobile, year-over-year. We attribute this growth to continued product improvements that add value to the user-experience as well as a highly-engaged fan-base in our social channels through our weekly programming.


While the slight majority of IMVU users are based in the US, we enjoy a rich, global user-base. Users tend to be less affluent than in other social networks. Our users work in mostly retail and tend to spend their money on over-the-counter products and chain restaurants.